Size & Maintenance




kono1o69's products are mostly one-size for all for now.

The size tag will be "S-M".

S-M  =   US size  4-8   /   Euro size  34-38   /   Japan size 7-11

Basically the silhouette is designed for loose and relaxable to fit the range above.  

Let's say,  simply, for size US-4 , it might go looser. For size US-8, it might go fit snugly.

In the near future, we will start size M-L (US size 8-12 / Euro size 38-42 / Japan size 11-15) .



kono1o69's products are used less chemical processed or organic natural materials.  

It depends on products, fabric color might bleed and shrink a little bit when wash.

So, hand-wash or gentle machine wash in mesh-bag with eco friendly detergent are required.

Basically we don't recommend toxic dry-cleaning option. 

Adding vinegar and salt helps to soften and clean the clothing when you wash our products.  

Here are tips!

New professional method for delicates :

Tips for hand-wash at home :