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 At an address "1o69" somewhere in Brooklyn, New York, former "kono" from Tokyo Japan, was relocated and restarted in the neighborhood. 

For the people who love enjoying fashion, but no longer pursuit trend and just superficial attractions, we are creating

everyday wear & accessories that would like to be the one of the people's long-term fondness. 

Our foundational design concept must be connected to the images of humble boldness in timeless simplicity

and subtle uniqueness in twisted details with well-considered materials & processes for manufacturing.  




Founder / Designer


  kono1o69 is an independent brand was launched by Miwa Satomura Jones re-located in Brooklyn,  

New York from Tokyo, Japan. She had been inspired by Asian or African textiles and cultures for a long time

since she was studying Batik-dye art in Bunka Gakuen University. After graduation,

experienced at a company that imports and manufactures garments and crafts from Asian, South American or

African countries.Through the career, she was running an independent clothing brand under the name of "kono"  

was specialized on African textiles for 5 years in Tokyo. After the relocation in New York, 

her vision has been shifting to the images such as humble boldness and timeless fondness in simplicity. 




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